>in Cinema 25 November 2010.  Hari nie lah kan……..

DISNEY is back with its version of a popular fairy tale. In this version, Rapunzel is a princess who is whisked away by a witch Gothel (Murphy) who needs Rapunzel’s magical restorative powers in order to stay youthful forever.

So the poor girl is locked away in a tower and her hair never cut as that will put an end to her magical powers.

Growing up believing that Gothel is her mother, Rapunzel is forbidden to venture outside by the witch who paints a bleak and frightening picture of the world.

However, an all-grown-up Rapunzel (Moore) yearns to find the source of “floating stars” which she spots coming from afar on the nights of all her birthdays.

She gets her wish when bandit Flynn Rider (Levi) climbs up her tower when fleeing from the palace guards. Taken hostage by the pretty lass, Flynn agrees to take her to see the lights in exchange for the tiara he had stolen and which she had hidden after bashing his head with a frying pan.

However, their journey is full of adventures with the palace guards, and Gothel of course, racing after them.
*** mau tengok ini movie….mama papa lagi excited berbanding si anak.